About CU*South

We Help Grow Credit Unions

Our History and Mission

Founded in July 2006 as a proud member of the cuasterisk.com network, CU*SOUTH has grown into a vital partner for the more-than 362 credit union partners across 42 states that make up the network.

As a 100% credit union-owned Credit Union Service Organization (CUSO), we are driven by a singular mission: to foster growth within credit unions. We provide innovative solutions and services that are essential for credit unions to thrive in a competitive landscape.

Our journey is one of collaboration, innovation and unwavering commitment to the credit union movement, aiming to empower our partners with the tools and support they need to excel.

Meet the Team

CU*SOUTH is led by a team of visionary leaders with a wealth of experience and a profound commitment to the credit union industry.

Bob West


Derrick Smith


Rebecca Schmidt


Starla Honea

SVP of Solutions

Dave Roberts

SVP of Information Systems & Technology

Laura Nehls

VP of Essential Services

Danny Phillips

SVP of Client Experience

Michele Gonzales

Manager of Accounting Services

Ron Martin

Manager of IT Managed Services

Invest in Excellence: Claim Your Share in CU*SOUTH’s Vision

Interested in becoming a part of something transformative? CU*SOUTH invites you to become a shareholder and join us in shaping the future of member service technology.

Our collaborative approach ensures your voice is heard, integrating your insight into our strategic direction. As a 100% credit union-owned CUSO governed by a Board of Directors elected at our Annual Meetings, we embody the principle of “one credit union, one vote.” This ensures equitable control and influence for all our partners.

Additionally, we cap share ownership at 10 shares per credit union to maintain a balanced and focused alignment with our mission—reinvesting 100% of your contributions back into the credit union movement. By investing in CU*SOUTH, you’re not just supporting a cooperative; you’re fueling innovation and growth within the entire credit union ecosystem.

And, even though past performance does not guarantee future results, our annual percentage of dividends paid to shareholders has averaged 3.75% for more than a decade.

Governance at CU*SOUTH extends beyond traditional models. Our owners don’t just invest; they actively lead the Board of Directors, crafting the future of our software and services. This unique model ensures that we stay aligned with the needs and priorities of credit unions, driving us toward solutions that truly make a difference.

Ready to take a direct role in the course of CU*SOUTH? Contact us for a prospectus and become a shareholder today.