Call Center

Enhanced Member Support Around the Clock

The unwavering commitment to exceptional service sets credit unions apart from other financial institutions. CU*SOUTH, in partnership with Xtend, brings this dedication to new heights with our Call Center services, ensuring that your members always have access to the support they need when they need it most.

The Essence of Personal Connection

Your credit union is much more than just a financial institution; it’s a community cornerstone built on personal relationships. Despite the digital age’s emphasis on speed and convenience, a staggering 80% of consumers prefer speaking with a live representative. CU*SOUTH’s Call Center, powered by Xtend, is your bridge to maintaining these vital personal connections, offering the assurance of support with just a phone call.

Unwavering Support Beyond Business Hours

Our commitment to your members doesn’t end at the close of business. The Call Center team provides unparalleled support after hours, on weekends, and even during disasters. Acting as an extension of your credit union, we deliver responsive service that’s deeply empathetic to your members’ needs.

CU*SOUTH: Partnering for Member-Centric Excellence

Choosing CU*SOUTH for your Call Center needs means partnering with an organization that truly understands credit union values. Our collaboration with Xtend enriches our service, allowing us to offer member support that’s both knowledgeable and heartfelt. Every call is an opportunity to reinforce your credit union’s commitment to its members, ensuring they feel valued, understood, and supported.

    Transform Member Service with CU*SOUTH’s Call Center

    We’re here to help your credit union strengthen and deepen member relationships. Ready to take your member service to the next level? Discover the difference CU*SOUTH’s Call Center services can make.

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