Online Banking

Unlock the Full Potential of Online Banking with CU*BASE

Today’s members expect your credit union to have a flexible, robust online banking solution that meets their needs wherever they are. CU*BASE’s It’sMe247 Online Banking is that solution.

Designed with a mobile-first philosophy, It’sMe247 ensures seamless access across desktops, tablets and mobile phones, bringing a new level of convenience and security to your members’ banking experience.

Additionally, members have access to Text Banking, where they can check balances, transfer funds and receive e-Alerts via SMS, combining convenience with simplicity.

Why Choose It’sMe247 Online Banking?

Accessibility: Your credit union is always open with It’sMe247. Members can manage their accounts anytime, anywhere, making your services as mobile as they are.

Security: With the Personal Internet Branch (PIB) feature, transactions are conducted in a secure environment, giving your members peace of mind.

Convenience: Optimized for any device, our online banking platform provides an intuitive banking experience, whether on-the-go or from the comfort of home.

Game-changing Online Banking Features

It’sMe247 Bill Pay: A seamless bill pay solution integrated directly within the online banking platform, our Bill Pay supports connections with multiple bill payment providers for ease and flexibility.

CU*Talk: Our voice response solution provides members with 24/7 access to account services, available in English and Spanish, ensuring members have around-the-clock access to their accounts from anywhere in the world.

Membership Opening Made Easy: With the Membership Application Process (MAP) and Membership Opening Process (MOP), we offer a complete digital account opening solution, enhancing your position as a modern community financial institution.

Partner with CU*BASE for a Superior Online Banking Platform

Offering a comprehensive suite of online and mobile banking solutions, CU*BASE is dedicated to enhancing your credit union’s digital presence while ensuring security, accessibility and convenience for your members.

Ready to elevate your credit union’s digital banking experience? Discover how CU*SOUTH can transform your credit union’s online banking services and become your trusted partner in success.