Data & Analytics

Empower Your Credit Union with Data-Driven Insight

Immediate access to accurate, comprehensive data analytics is an essential component to foster growth in your credit union. CU*BASE offers a robust suite of credit union data analytics tools designed to unlock actionable insight and drive strategic decisions.

Comprehensive Data Analytics Tools

With more than 180 report-generating tools and 40 pre-canned query tools, CU*BASE provides an unparalleled ability to mine valuable insight from your credit union’s data. Our real-time analytics platform is tailored to ensure that you’re equipped to make informed decisions that benefit both your members and your institution.

Why Trust Data and Analytics in CU*BASE?

Real-Time Insight: Stay updated with the latest data points across Balance, Member, and Transaction categories. Never be in the dark about your credit union’s vitals, from daily member sign-ups to average account balances and transaction volumes.

Custom Alerts: Stay ahead of the curve by setting up custom alerts based on your specific criteria. Whether it’s unusual account activity or key performance indicators, get notified instantly to react promptly.

Customizable Content: Leveraging CU*Publisher, our state-of-the-art content management system, credit unions can personalize the app with graphical ads, service links, FAQs, branch locators, and much more. Our app is your app, your way.

Business Intelligence: Harness the power of Business Intelligence tools to delve deeper into your data. Make informed strategic decisions by understanding member behavior, product performance and financial trends.

Trend Analysis: Visualize your credit union’s performance over time with our Trends feature. Monitor the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, membership drives, and seasonal variations, providing a clear picture of long-term trajectories.

Compare Your Data: Benchmark your performance with the broader CU*BASE community so you can understand how your credit union compares in terms of growth, efficiency and member satisfaction… and use these insights to drive improvements.

Overcoming Data Challenges

In an era where digital banking and large, national institutions are raising the competitive stakes, the ability to harness credit union data analytics becomes crucial to the long-term health of your institution. CU*BASE’s data and analytics tools empower your credit union to anticipate member needs, streamline operations and maintain a competitive edge in a rapidly evolving marketplace.

Ready to Transform Your Mobile Banking Offering?

Ready to see how CU*SOUTH can enrich your credit union with robust data analytics? Schedule a demo today to explore the full capabilities of our data and analytics tools and take the first step toward a more insightful, efficient and member-focused future.