Member Relationships

Foster Deeper Connections with Your Members

As a community financial institution, nurturing strong, enduring relationships with members is crucial to your success. CU*BASE offers a suite of tools and services designed to not only meet but exceed member expectations, reinforcing the bond between your credit union and your members.

Key Tools and Services to Enhance Member Relationships

Teller Activity Dashboards: Gain real-time insight into teller activities, enabling personalized member service and efficient transaction processing.

Task Tracking: Streamline operations with comprehensive task tracking, ensuring that member requests and inquiries are addressed promptly and effectively.

Rewards Points: Engage and reward your members with a dynamic, tiered rewards program, fostering loyalty and encouraging frequent interactions with your credit union.

Tiered Member Relationship Pricing: Implement pricing strategies that reflect the depth of the member relationship, offering better rates and terms to your most engaged members.

Call Center Tracking: Enhance member service with detailed tracking of call center interactions, ensuring every member’s concern is resolved to their satisfaction.

Courtesy Pay: A thoughtful way to handle overdrafts, Courtesy Pay provides members with the convenience of allowing their account balances to go negative in certain situations. This avoids the embarrassment and complications that come with having checks or payments returned due to insufficient funds.

Debit Card Round Up: Encourage savings and financial wellness with Debit Card Round Up, automatically transferring change from members’ debit card purchases into designated savings or checking accounts.

Know Your Member Dashboards: Utilize comprehensive dashboards to gain a deep understanding of your members’ needs and preferences so you can tailor services and communications accordingly.

Built-in Member Connect Buttons: Facilitate direct, seamless communication between members and your credit union with built-in connect buttons. Enhance accessibility, promote new products and increase member engagement.

Early Pay: Offer members the convenience and financial flexibility of receiving their direct deposits early, enhancing their banking experience and fostering trust with your credit union.

Strength in Relationships

At CU*SOUTH, we believe the strength of a credit union lies in the strength of its relationships with members. Our Member Relationship tools and services are designed to build trust, loyalty and satisfaction, ensuring that members view your credit union as their primary financial partner.

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