Mobile Banking

Boost Your Members’ Experience with a Powerful Mobile App

When it comes to meeting your members’ expectations, mobility is not just a convenience—it’s a necessity. That’s why we’re proud to offer the It’sMe247 mobile app, a comprehensive mobile banking solution designed to meet your members wherever they are, providing them with the freedom to manage their finances on their terms.

Essential Mobile App Benefits

Seamless Integration: The It’s Me 247 Mobile App is a direct extension of our online banking platform within CU*BASE, ensuring a unified banking experience across all devices. Whether your credit union opts for our hybrid mobile app or chooses to collaborate with a third-party provider, we guarantee your members can enjoy full online banking functionality featuring your credit union’s branding.

Robust Features for Modern Banking: Beyond basic banking functions, our mobile app enriches your members’ experience with advanced features like remote deposit capture (RDC), mobile card control, and secure eSign with Virtual Signing Room. Integrated loan applications and 1-Click lines of credit and credit card offers are just a tap away, uplifting your members with instant financial solutions.

Customizable Content: Leveraging CU*Publisher, our state-of-the-art content management system, credit unions can personalize the app with graphical ads, service links, FAQs, branch locators, and much more. Our app is your app, your way.

Always Up-to-Date: Any enhancements to the It’s Me 247 platform are automatically updated in the mobile app, ensuring your members always have access to the latest online banking features and security measures.

The Importance of Offering a Mobile Banking App

Today’s credit union members expect more than just traditional banking services; they demand a financial partner that fits into their digital lifestyle. Offering the It’s Me 247 mobile app isn’t just about providing another banking channel—it’s about creating a deeper connection with your members and showing them that their credit union is evolving with their needs.

Ready to Transform Your Mobile Banking Offering?

Discover how the It’s Me 247 mobile app can revolutionize the way your credit union connects with members, enhancing engagement and satisfaction.