Core Solutions

Powerful Processing, Unlimited Flexibility

CU*BASE stands at the forefront of member data processing systems, seamlessly blending comprehensive member databases, dynamic marketing tools, high-quality presentation capabilities, and formidable processing power within a user-friendly graphical interface. This sophisticated blend significantly eases the learning curve for staff, enhancing efficiency and productivity across your credit union’s operations.

Versatile Delivery for Unmatched Flexibility

CU*BASE elevates credit unions by providing a shared processing platform. Whether for a single credit union or a consortium, CU*BASE maintains consistent functionality across delivery methods. This versatility ensures credit unions can select, switch, or combine solutions in alignment with their strategic goals, embodying true operational agility.

Key Features Designed for Credit Union Success

Direct Education and Support: Employees gain access to comprehensive education, online help, and reference materials directly on their desktops, ensuring immediate assistance and continuous learning.

Seamless Conversions: With an average of 20-30 conversions annually, our network boasts a wealth of experience in facilitating successful transitions. Additionally, our conversion teams are equipped to guide you through every step, addressing your concerns and ensuring a seamless process.

Integrated Shared Branching: Enhance disaster recovery capabilities and expand member services without additional physical locations, thanks to integrated shared branching options.

Customizable Configuration: Tailor savings, certificate and loan options to fit your credit union’s unique needs, offering flexibility and control.

Advanced Laser Printing: From custom forms to member notices and loan application documents, enjoy a full suite of laser printing options that can be user-defined for a personalized touch.

Controlled Employee Access: Manage and control employee access to tools, ensuring security and efficiency in operations.

Fully Integrated Applications

Online Banking

Discover a digital banking platform that meets your members' needs for convenience and security.

Mobile Banking

Engage members on-the-go with our comprehensive mobile banking solutions, blending convenience with full-service functionality.


Streamline your lending process with digital lending solutions that make credit access simpler and more efficient.

Data & Analytics

Leverage credit union data analytics to unlock insights, improve decision-making, and drive growth with our advanced data analytics for credit unions.


Ensure regulatory compliance and safeguard your credit union against risk with our robust compliance tools. From fraud monitoring to OFAC automation, we've got you covered.

Back Office

Optimize your credit union's operations with our back-office solutions, offering everything from integrated general ledger to streamlined ACH processing for peak efficiency.

Member Relationships

Deepen your connection with members through tools designed to enhance member engagement and satisfaction, from rewards programs to Know Your Member dashboards.

Self-Service Tools

Empower your members with self-service capabilities, providing them with the freedom to manage their finances anytime, anywhere, from remote deposit capture to online account opening.

CU*BASE is a comprehensive credit union solution designed to address the unique pain points and operational needs of credit unions. Want to see what CU*BASE can help you achieve? Schedule a demo for a closer look.