Self-Service Tools

Empowering Members with Self-Service Capabilities

Giving your members the ability to manage their financial needs independently is not just an added benefit—it’s a strategic goal. CU*BASE’s suite of self-service tools is designed to provide your members with comprehensive, user-friendly solutions, enabling them to take charge of their financial transactions and interactions anytime, anywhere.

Key Features of CU*BASE Self-Service Tools

Online and Mobile Banking: Offer your members the convenience of accessing their accounts and conducting transactions seamlessly, whether through their mobile devices or desktops.

Remote Deposit Capture: Simplify the deposit process with remote deposit capture, allowing members to deposit checks digitally, saving time and enhancing convenience.

eSign: Streamline document signing with eSign, enabling members to securely sign documents electronically from anywhere, reducing the need for in-person visits.

e-Statements, e-Alerts, and e-Notices: Keep your members informed and engaged with electronic statements, alerts, and notices, providing them with timely updates on their accounts and transactions

Online Account Opening: Make it easy for new and existing members to open accounts online, offering a convenient and efficient way to join or expand their relationship with your credit union.

Loan Application Integration: Facilitate the loan application process with integrated solutions, allowing members to apply for loans directly through the online platform.

Lock Debit/Credit Cards: Enhance security by giving members the ability to instantly lock their debit or credit cards in case of loss or theft, directly through the mobile app or online banking.

Bill Pay: Simplify bill payments with the integrated Bill Pay feature, enabling members to manage and pay their bills conveniently from their online banking portal.

Forms Generator: Provide members with the ability to generate and complete necessary forms online, streamlining various requests and applications.

These self-service tools provide your members with the autonomy to manage their financial lives on their terms. Our solutions are designed to enhance member satisfaction by offering convenient, secure, and comprehensive self-service options that meet the needs of today’s digital-savvy members.

Transform Your Member Experience with Self-Service Solutions

Discover the power of self-service with CU*SOUTH and elevate your credit union’s member experience.  Schedule a Demo to learn more about how CU*BASE’s Self-Service Tools can revolutionize the way your members interact with your credit union, fostering greater independence and satisfaction.