Essential Services

The Foundation of Efficiency for Credit Unions

Striking the perfect balance between member-centric services and the efficiency of back-office operations is crucial to the success of your operations. CU*SOUTH is deeply committed to helping credit unions achieve this balance, recognizing that the success of your credit union depends on seamless operations, strategic financial management and a relentless focus on member satisfaction.

Our Essential Services suite of Accounting, Call Center, Collections, and IT Managed Services is designed to be a foundation of credit union efficiency, enabling you to focus on what truly matters—your members.

Why Essential Services Matter

As member demands continue to evolve, credit unions face the challenge of managing complex back-office tasks without compromising the quality of member services. Our Essential Services not only streamline your operations but also equip you with the tools to enhance member engagement and satisfaction.

At CU*SOUTH, we believe in empowering credit unions with the tools and support needed to focus on their most important asset—their members. When you trust us to handle your Essential Services, you’re not just selecting a service provider; you’re partnering with an organization that shares your commitment to excellence and member satisfaction.

Our Essential Services Portfolio


Simplify financial management with our robust credit union accounting services, designed for precision and efficiency.

Call Center

Deliver exceptional member service with our responsive call center solutions, powered by Xtend elevating every member interaction.


Enhance recovery rates and preserve member relationships while minimizing risk with our comprehensive collections solutions.

IT Managed Services

Keep your operations running smoothly with our IT management service, ensuring your technology infrastructure is always up to the challenge.