Safeguard Your Credit Union with Advanced Compliance Solutions

We offer a comprehensive suite of compliance features designed to protect your credit union and its members from fraud and ensure adherence to regulatory standards. Our advanced compliance tools are built into the core of CU*BASE, providing seamless, automated protection.

Key Compliance Features of CU*BASE

Fraud Monitoring: Stay ahead of potential threats with real-time fraud monitoring. Our system vigilantly scans for suspicious activities, offering an essential layer of protection against fraud.

Account Structuring: CU*BASE helps manage and monitor account structuring, ensuring that member accounts comply with regulatory standards and reduce the risk of financial crimes.

Integrated CTRs: Currency Transaction Reports (CTRs) are seamlessly integrated into CU*BASE, automating the reporting process and ensuring that large transactions are reported accurately and promptly.

Dormancy Monitoring: Keep track of dormant accounts with ease. Our dormancy monitoring feature helps identify inactive accounts, reducing the risk of fraud and ensuring regulatory compliance.

CECL Static Pool Analysis: CU*BASE offers essential support to ensure your credit union is well-equipped to navigate CECL preparation effectively.

FIDM Included: Financial Institution Data Match (FIDM) is integrated into CU*BASE, assisting in identifying accounts for child support garnishment, enhancing compliance, and supporting community welfare.

OFAC Automation: Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) checks are automated within CU*BASE, ensuring that your credit union does not inadvertently do business with individuals or entities on the OFAC list.

Pattern Recognition: Utilize advanced pattern recognition to identify unusual behavior that may indicate fraudulent activity or structuring, enhancing both security and compliance.

Elevate Your Compliance Strategy with CU*BASE

Compliance is not just about adhering to regulations; it’s about protecting your members and ensuring the integrity of your credit union. With CU*SOUTH, you gain a partner that understands the complexities of compliance within the credit union industry. Our tools are designed to automate and simplify compliance processes, allowing you to focus on serving your members with confidence.

Discover how our compliance features can transform your approach to regulatory challenges and safeguard your operations.