Back Office

Gain Back Office Efficiency with CU*BASE

Back-office operations make up the backbone that supports your entire organization. We offer a comprehensive suite of features within CU*BASE that are designed to streamline these essential functions, ensuring that your credit union operates with maximum efficiency and accuracy.

Key Features of CU*BASE Back-Office Solutions

Integrated General Ledger: Achieve seamless financial management with our integrated General Ledger system. It offers real-time tracking of all financial transactions, providing a clear and accurate financial picture at any moment.

Investment Management: Optimize your credit union’s investment strategy with our robust Investment Management tools. Manage and analyze your portfolio to maximize returns and minimize risk.

Budget and Modeling: Plan for the future with confidence using our Budget and Modeling tools. Forecast financial scenarios and create comprehensive budgets that align with your strategic goals.

5300 Call Report: Simplify the preparation and submission of your 5300 Call Report with CU*BASE. Our system streamlines the process, ensuring accuracy and compliance with regulatory requirements.

Accounts Payable/Vendor Management: Enhance your accounts payable process with our efficient and user-friendly system. Manage vendor payments with ease and maintain accurate records of all transactions.

Fixed Assets and Prepaid Expense Tracking and Automation: Keep track of your credit union’s fixed assets and prepaid expenses with our tracking and automation tools. Ensure accurate accounting and simplify year-end reporting.

Lock Debit/Credit Cards: Enhance security by giving members the ability to instantly lock their debit or credit cards in case of loss or theft, directly through the mobile app or online banking.

Hundreds of Pre-programmed Reports: Access a vast library of over 600 pre-programmed reports designed to meet virtually any reporting need. From daily operations to strategic planning, our reports provide the insight you need to make informed decisions.

Streamlined ACH Processing: Streamline your ACH processing with CU*BASE. Our system simplifies the management of incoming and outgoing payments, reducing errors and saving time.

Why CU*BASE for Your Back Office?

Choosing CU*SOUTH for your back-office operations means equipping your credit union with the tools necessary for optimal efficiency and strategic management. Schedule a demo to see how these tools can help keep your operations running smoothly and provide strategic insight that drives growth and enhances member services.