Empowering Credit Unions: A Dynamic Partnership between C3 Technology Advisors and CU*SOUTH

Nov 15, 2023

C3 Technology Advisors is excited to share news of a strategic collaboration with CU*SOUTH, another CUSO, with the goal of offering free IT support to all clients in their network. The driving force behind this collaboration is our recognition of the specialized needs of credit union, making a partnership with credit union-focused IT support firm incredibly valuable.

Credit Unions consistently express a desire to leverage artificial intelligence to streamline operations for both employees and members. However, the multitude of available A.I. tools pose a challenge – which one is the right fit for specific credit union? This is precisely where our expertise at C3 Technology Advisors becomes instrumental.

For the past 16 years, C3 Technology Advisors have been studying the ins and outs of all things cloud technology, cybersecurity, phone systems, contact center solutions, and, of course, artificial intelligence. With a solution ecosystem with over 3,000 vendors, we distinguish ourselves by working solely for the credit union, positioning our team as an integral part of theirs, collaborating and strategizing with credit union to make the best technology purchase that can possibly be made.

In technology, the only constant is change. But the rate of change continues to increase rapidly year over year. For example, up until a few years ago it was cost prohibitive for small to midsize credit unions to have a state of the art fully blended omni channel contact center (confusing? that’s why we are here.) to serve their members multiple ways 24×7, around the clock, utilizing lots of A.I. and automation. Today any credit union can leverage the latest technologies that to the super cool and super scaling “cloud”.

We understand that not everyone wants to delve into the technical intricacies. C3 Technology Advisors keeps things simple, focusing on credit unions’ goals and objectives. By saving time and resources in researching, evaluating, and implementing the right technologies, we play a pivotal role in helping credit unions achieve operational excellence and better service their members.

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