CU*SOUTH Announces Partnership with The Andovers Federal Credit Union to Enhance Core Processing Capabilities

Jun 21, 2024

Massachusetts-based credit union partners with CU*SOUTH to enhance core processing and member services.

CU*SOUTH, a 100% credit union-owned credit union service organization (CUSO) that provides essential products and solutions for credit unions, is pleased to announce its latest partnership with The Andovers Federal Credit Union (Andover FCU). This strategic alliance aims to revolutionize Andover FCU’s core processing system, enabling the credit union to better serve its members and community.

Chartered in 1964 in Andover, Massachusetts, Andover FCU serves 2,220 members with assets totaling $37.7 million. Established to support the police, fire, municipalities and educators of Andover and North Andover, Andover FCU has built a reputation for dedication and service to its community.

The transition to CU*SOUTH’s advanced core processing system marks a significant milestone in the credit union’s commitment to operational excellence and member satisfaction. According to Lisa Morelli, CEO of Andover FCU, the credit union’s existing core platform had several issues that led to significant manual work for the staff. The integration with CU*SOUTH’s state-of-the-art system is expected to streamline operations, reduce manual processes and enhance overall efficiency, allowing Andover FCU to focus more on member engagement and service delivery.

“A financial institution is only as good as their core processing system, so when making a choice on a new platform, there were many options that we considered. CU*SOUTH checked all the correct boxes,” said Morelli. “Their innovative operating system will continue to allow us to grow our membership and move forward into the future while remaining competitive. Additionally, the employees of CU*SOUTH are friendly, attentive, accessible and understanding, and our team is looking forward to a long and collaborative partnership.”

Bob West, CEO of CU*SOUTH, said he is thrilled to welcome Andover FCU to the CU*SOUTH community.

“Our mission is to empower credit unions with the technology and support they need to thrive, and we are excited to provide Andover FCU with the tools necessary to enhance their operations and member services,” said West. “We look forward to a successful and collaborative partnership.”

CU*SOUTH is building a collaborative, peer-to-peer community of Credit Unions through shared development of technology and service platforms. CU*SOUTH is headquartered on the Eastern Shore of Mobile Bay, with a nationwide network of CU experts.

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