Fleur de Lis Federal Credit Union Reaffirms Partnership with CU*SOUTH

Oct 25, 2023

CU*SOUTH, a 100% credit union-owned credit union service organization (CUSO) that provides essential products and solutions for credit unions, proudly announces that Fleur de Lis Federal Credit Union has renewed its Master Services Agreement for five more years.

This renewal signifies the commitment of Fleur de Lis FCU to harness the potent capabilities of CU*BASE core technology to spearhead its strategic vision for the next half-decade.

Based in Metairie, Louisiana, Fleur de Lis FCU was chartered on July 18, 1951, to provide financial services to the employees of the Louisiana Department of Health. With more than 1,800 members and $18 million in assets, the dedicated institution has consistently aimed to deliver premier financial services for its members.

The credit union’s goals for the coming years combine tech-forward strategies with their traditional community-centered approach, focusing on attracting younger members while retaining and engaging their current member demographic.

“The tools and technology offered by the CU*BASE core allow us to improve delivery of financial services to our members,” said Robert Mayfield, President and CEO of Fleur de Lis FCU. “Because of its robust online banking, native mobile app, and the ability of the network to keep up with an ever-changing financial market, we can stay competitive with other financial institutions. With CU*BASE, we have been able to improve our internal processes and avail our staff to create viable, up-to-date solutions for members.”

Bob West, CEO of CU*SOUTH, echoed these sentiments.

“The renewal of our partnership with Fleur de Lis FCU not only marks an extension of our agreement but also solidifies the shared vision between our organizations,” said West. “We’re eager to further our collaboration and provide dynamic solutions that empower Fleur de Lis FCU to reach its aspirations and remain competitive for years to come.”

CU*SOUTH is building a collaborative, peer-to-peer community of Credit Unions
through shared development of technology and service platforms. CU*SOUTH is headquartered on the Eastern Shore of Mobile Bay, with a nationwide network of CU experts.

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