CU*SOUTH Forges Strategic Partnership with C3 Technology Advisors

Nov 15, 2023

The partnership will empower credit unions to make informed, strategic IT decisions.

CU*SOUTH, a 100% credit union-owned credit union service organization (CUSO) that provides essential products and solutions for credit unions, is excited to announce a strategic partnership with C3 Technology Advisors, a dynamic technology consulting firm renowned for its expertise in navigating the complex world of IT solutions. The collaboration aims to provide CU*SOUTH’s credit union partners with access to top-tier technology services and resources.

With a shared commitment to professional excellence, responsive service, agility and innovation, CU*SOUTH and C3 Technology Advisors join forces to ensure credit unions across the nation have the technological edge needed to excel in a rapidly evolving industry. CU*SOUTH’s mission of fostering strong credit unions aligns seamlessly with C3’s dedication to enabling clients to make well-informed technology buying decisions.

With a laser focus on the credit union industry, C3 Technology Advisors brings an array of specializations to the partnership, encompassing Artificial Intelligence, cybersecurity, SD-WAN, IaaS/DRaaS, colocation, cloud-based UC, WAN/ISP, and cloud contact center. This alliance will empower credit unions associated with CU*SOUTH to navigate the ever-changing technology landscape effectively.

Matthew Toth, founder and lead consultant of C3 Technology Advisors, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership.

“We are thrilled to partner with CU*SOUTH to ensure that every credit union it works with has access to the best possible technology they need to accomplish their goals,” said Toth. “We look forward to helping them make informed technology choices that drive their success.”

Bob West, CEO of CU*SOUTH, said he looks forward to a fruitful partnership that will benefit the credit union movement.

“At CU*SOUTH, we are committed to ensuring that credit unions have access to the latest and most innovative technology that their members desire,” said West. “This partnership with C3 Technology Advisors is a significant step toward achieving that goal. Together, we will empower credit unions to thrive in the digital age.”

The collaboration between CU*SOUTH and C3 Technology Advisors represents a powerful synergy of shared values, expert knowledge and a resolute dedication to serving the credit union community with excellence.

CU*SOUTH is building a collaborative, peer-to-peer community of Credit Unions
through shared development of technology and service platforms. CU*SOUTH is headquartered on the Eastern Shore of Mobile Bay, with a nationwide network of CU experts.

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